Constellation/ Art, science and the construction of reality.

For our first lecture into Art, Science and the construction of reality we were given two questions to think about and give our own concepts and critic of them. the first one is

what to understand as truth?

and the second

what does a virus look like?

for the first question we debated this as a group and many concepts and truths were found, such as, honesty, seeing is believing, if something is true then you wan to see it to make sure for yourself that what your seeing is the truth, as some form of confirmation. but than thats where the debate set in and another said that the truth also depends on where the information came from? is belief the same as truth?

Art and science both make claims to the truth but with truth would you claim is real? but as i see it, its a truth to both as the truth to science is completely different to the truth to art.

and for the second question what does a virus look like? in my opinion i think that if no two are the same so no two viruses are the same, each virus has different strains and affects different people in different ways, an artist would see it as an interruptive painting, a scientist would see it through a petri dish, an IT specialist would see it through numbers and figures, so again there are plenty of ways a virus can be seen and thought of in different ways.


what i gained from todays session is that no two things may appear the same to the same person, things are different and people are different and hold their own thoughts and truths and outlook on things and different people of different background I.E. an artist, a scientist perceive what one thing is generally known such as a virus as different things.



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