My response to the artefact/image. Subject.


For my response to my image i picked out colours that i saw in the painting and then i made them more vibrant and less pastely so the colours work as one not as a whole. I kept the colours in the same theme, just used different shades of colour to build ups the shades and i chose one contrasting or complimentary colour to make the colours pop and make your eye wonder and work out whats going on. i used a palate knife to create these works and just slide the knife across the paper to get the marbly affect that i desired. i think these work better as a group and won’t work well as being on their own because i don’t feel that would be so interesting and would get lost and looked over being singular, as a group they’ll pull in the strength of drawing the colours and having that contrast and compliments from the other pieces that the viewer will have a deeper connection with the piece as there is more to connect with and there are more colours to distinguish from.


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