Subject/ Research(Monet)


Looking and researching into the painting further i found many things that made me open my eyes about the way Monet painted and also the effort and obsession that went into creating the paintings. Monet bought land that had the pond and spent years diverting the water and reconstructing the landscape so he could make a perfect garden in which to draw inspiration from, He spent the last three decades of his life in his garden focusing exclusively on his water garden and in particular his lilies, producing over 250 surviving views of his pond, the others ruined because of his frustration in which he tore, broke and threw away. Each painting that was produced had a slightly modified viewpoint each time because he had a different perspective and also the landscape was forever altering creating a different viewpoint naturally. learning this about Monet has opened my eyes to the dedication he gave his garden in order to create the many paintings and drawings and also that even though you have one subject, theres many ways that you can interpret that and make many different artworks using the same features while changing things slightly so they appear to have more or less within them.


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