Field/ Figurative modelling

img_1252For the second session we were in the plaster room and learned how to use the modelling plaster, to use it figuratively.


I started off mixing one pint of plaster, i had to let the plaster soak up the water to prevent as many air bubbles as possible, once that has happened i then started mixing the water and plaster together and making sure that there are no lumps within the mixture and the preceded to make sure that all the air bubbles were out as this would prevent air pockets within the plaster once it has hardened.

once the plaster was all mixed and air bubbles taken out, i proceeded to pour the plaster into a fabric cast that i had previously made, there were slight problems with doing this as the stitches that i made were to wide so the plaster seeped through before it started to harden, once it had hardened and firmed to a state i could take it out, i found out that the cast i made was to small for the fingers to be strong enough so in taking it out of the cast the fingers broke off, but i like the outcome as it reminds of a limb from a tim burton movie and adds character to it, i also did a another glove and found that this worked much better and enjoyed the outcome of this as i found there are many ways that you can place the hand in to make seem as though it is making different gestures.

i liked working with plaster and would link this into my subject work as i think it’ll work good as medium to paint on.


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