Field/ Figurative modelling

Second part of day three, week one (previous post) we had a lecture/seminar with Claire  Curneen talking about various ceramic artists and then giving us a talk about her own practice and an insight on the materials she uses. some of the artists we looked at were

  • Xavier Toubes, I like with his work that is not “perfect” and that it has lumps and bumps and rough edges which reminds me thats exactly what human beings are like, his work isn’t exact and a face or head wouldn’t look like his ceramics but i like that they’re abstract and not exact because i think that makes them more interesting and draws you into it more.
  • Philip Eglin, He uses thrown away bottles to make his art works which i like the idea of a lot, i also like the way the bottle has imprinted on to the clay so there is ways that you can still see the bottles still left behind in his ceramic works.

we then had an insight of the work Claire does and i found the background of her work very interesting as she links it to saints and martyrdom of the catholic religion, porcelain is her main medium and then uses blue glazes to create a high contrast between the clean white of the porcelain and the stark blue, on most of her works she uses a gold glaze that adds intimacy and wonder. img_1263


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