Subject/ Mark Rothko

I looked at Mark Rothko because i find his work very interesting and find the enormity of his paintings spectacular and that you can totally get engrossed within them, the Rothko chapel i find especially interesting as its this ordinary bog standard building on the outside and then on the inside its like cavern with wonders as it holds these enormous paintings that natural light hits and lights ups in a fascinating way as though you could go through them into another world.


Another works of Rothko i like is the seagram murals, he had a commission for the four seasons restaurant, so went about making these works so everyone could experience but then found out that the restaurant would only be serving the highest business men who weren’t short of money so he then refused to do the commission for the restaurant and his work went into storage until the Tate took the work but he made sure that it was presented  in a certain way so the viewer can be en captured by the works and the colour.



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