Anish Kapoor


This piece by Anish Kapoor caught my eye immediately because of the vibrant colour pigment of the red and then the lonely stark contrast of the yellow, he used wood and the colour pigment to create this installation/sculpture. i feel i can connect this to my work because I’m looking ta the connection between colour and also the fluidity of the medium, i feel this has a certain fluidity to it as the colour has cascaded down the wood form onto the floor and then also there is a stark difference between the red and the yellow, even though the red is the most dominant colour i feel the yellow is the strongest colour as it stands alone by itself and can also be said to be the odd one out.

it was interesting to be able to walk around the whole of the installation and seeing all the different angles and aspects of the sculpture, as you walked around to the back of it you started to loose the yellow and get totally immersed by the red and then as you walked back around the yellow broke it back up and then again brought two dimensions into it.


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