Field/ Figurative Modelling

Exhibition set up on the day of the drawing symposium, we set it up like this because we thought it works creating a relationship between the 3D  and the 2D also creating a story and giving a feel about the figure and the drawing. my favourite part about the whole set up is the run of paper running over the plinth and having that fluid connection of the three dimensional and the drawing and the also the dress seeming to come to life as it hangs off the board but still with all its delicacy.

we aslo had the chance to have a talk off christie Brown who gave us an insight into her practice and studio practice, which was a fantastic opportunity to have and we also had a talk of  Richard Heeley who also talked about his practice and showed us the relationship between his on sight drawings and his 3d pots, he then went on and shown us a demonstration of throwing a porcelain pot and then also showing us how to make a foot on a leather hard pot, he also showed us some glazes that he uses on his pots and the mixes that he uses to get the colour he wants, he normally uses a blue glaze to create a stark contrast against the  white of the porcelain, i found his talk and demonstration very interesting and found i learnt quite a lot.




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