Key concepts/ Utopia

Key concept lecture with Paul Granjon


we looked at things that possessed a utopia such as the lego movie where in a scene there isn’t any rules but only happiness, but in the scene there seemed to be a lot no’s?.

the word that i found kept popping up was communism.

Another utopia we looked at was disney land its visionary and fun, creating the idea of the american dream, pressing life as good and fun.

we also looked at dystopia and a world of people constantly watching you, constantly entering your details into databases, tracing you through your phone, monitoring your communication, from listening to that i think as humanity we are living in a world of dystopia because eyes are constantly watching, you’re mot really free, even if you think you’re living a utopia you’re still being watched and tracked by cameras and many other things.

we also talked about a time where there could possibly be machines which take over the human race and be able to think for their self and then ultimately be able to build bigger and better machines who will take over humanity intelligence and the leave the human race like zombies.

After leaving this lecture i feel i made a connection with it to my work, thinking more about utopia more than the dystopia. as my work is involving a lot of colours and the fluidity of colours i thought that bright and happy colours can be quite like a utopia to someone as there isnt really anything in there that can be a dystopia.


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