Art and the Conscious mind/ 19th January

For the first part of the second session we did a few experiments with vision perception, we had to pair up and draw our partner but under certain rules, we had to look at them for 30 seconds and then draw them from what remember and vice versa, we then had to imaging three oranges in our heads and only focus on one orange, when the time was up we drew the oranges and focused on the one more. After the experiments we went and learned about different vision perceptions and looked at different paintings such as ambragio Lorenzetti, the well governed city 1337-40 palazzo siena, we looked and found that some of the figures seemed bigger than others even though they were in the same liner perspective, as a class we came up with some conclusions as to why they might’ve been painted like that and they were;

They had more importance

Making you look at them figures for a longer amount of time

Directing your attention to a particular person and pulling you in to see there Point of view.


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