Art and the conscious mind / Eastern philosophy 2nd Feb

Anna Bushen

Eastern philosophy (Indian)

I found this workshop and session with Anna very interesting as I’ve always had an interest with Eastern culture and found it interesting to learn about a different way people see the mind and learning that the unconscious mind is the most animalistic part of us and the conscious mind is what stops our animal tendencies showing through.

We looked at questions such as

How do you represent an idea such as the infinite universe?

I found this question interesting because of the sheer capacity of it and how much that it made me think.

We focused on the word mindfulness and how that can help you with art and just your general day-to-day self. Meditation and mindfulness is a science of working with you mind and it investigate the nature of our own minds. Mindfulness reduces anxiety, depression and many other mental disorders.

Mindful meditation makes us more conscious than we normally are because we focus on one thing, for example like our breath, we have a direct relationship between out breath and our mind, we can be in control of our breath and it also happens when we don’t think about doing it. The breath reflects our emotional state of mind, such as when were angry breathing becomes deeper, calm upset.

We then did a meditation session for 10 mins and only had to focus on our breathing, I found this very interesting as I found it calmed me and allowed me to think more clear afterwards.

After the mediation was over we had a physical session where we had to create a physical representation of a metaphor that resembled what we thought was the mind. I made a black and white entangled piece that symbolised the entanglement of the brain in which it gets sometimes as there’s things within the brain that’s not answered.

I think applying mindfulness to work would make me think more clear about what I’m doing and the hopefully it’ll come through within my work.


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