Art and the conscious mind/ surrealism games 31st Jan

Theo Humphries

Surrealism games

We had a workshop with Theo Humphries and we looked at a brief background of his work and what kind of things he has done, we then looked at different modes of consciousness and scanned across artists such as Mann Ray, the art movement Dada and Dalhi, as they mostly work with surrealism, we started looking at surrealism games and thought of games to open up our conscious minds.

We started off the practical work with a game of which you had to fold a piece of A4 paper and fold it into three and start off with the head and then pass it on to the next person so they would draw the torso and then pass it on to the next person so they could do the legs and after the legs were drawn you opened up the paper and revel the full product.

I enjoyed doing this activity and found that I was more creative afterwards. We then did another activity, which we had to find words in a magazine create a sentence and illustrate it, I didn’t find this activity to open up my conscious mind but I found it interesting.

We then had to make up a surrealist game within pairs and what me and my partner thought of was two spinning wheels with lots of different colours on them, the same colour on both wheels and then if the same colour is spun you’d have to spin again to get two different colours and then the two colours which it stops on you have to create a work just using them colours.

I enjoyed thinking of that surrealist game and would be interesting to make an actual one to test it out.


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