Art and the conscious mind/ unseen 9th Feb


James Green

Unseen workshop

The workshop with James green I really enjoyed because of the way it was delivered, it was delivered in a way that I understood what was being said and had a genuine interest in what I was learning.

How can art be used to show unseen thing and communicate with unseen things?

I thought this question was really interesting as it made my mind think and was a good starting point to the lecture,

We were giving three key words

Entopic imagery

Hypnagogic Imagery

Animism imagery


Entopic Imagery


Part of you body to change your vision in some way.


We looked at Edward Munich, from the injured eye series 1930


Munich had a blood clot in his one eye due to stress so when he painted he also painted the blood clot and in the injured eye series the blood clot looks like a crow forcing viewers to maybe think that that’s what he his actually seeing.


Hypnogogic Imagery

Is when you experience visual, tactile, auditory sensory events when your just going to sleep or waking up, so for example seeing a person at the foot of you bed, even though that person is not there it seems very really as though it is.

We looked at some cave paintings from Santa barbera and I found them really interesting because they depicted the vision you see when you close your eyes.

Interesting quote off lewis-wiliiams, 2002: 209-210

The subterranean passages and chambers were the ‘entrails’ of the nether world; entry into them was both physical and psychic entry into the underworld. Entry into a cave was, for upper Palaeolithic people, entry into part of the spirit word. The embellishing images blazed (possibly in a fairly literal sense) a path into the unknown.


I really liked that quote because I think it explains so much in very little words.



We looked at masks from tribal culture and most masks that were shown often or not depicted hypnagogic imagery within or on the masks.

We looked at Madge gill that was contacted by a spirit and then kept in contact with that said spirit through drawing.


We also looked at someone in a similar situation as Madge, and its Guo Fengyi

Who developed arthritis and started practicing Gi Gong and the claimed that her arthritis cleared and she started talking to spirits.

I really like the thought that people have been contacted by spirits and are able to draw and contact them.


We then looked briefly at UFOs and looked at a book and an artist called Carl Jung

Robert Urwin, Edgerton.

We then ended the lecture part of the workshop by watching an erry clip from the film space 2001, watching the part where he his hurtling through space and there are lots of vivid colour and shapes, it made you think that might be what space looks like once you’re traveling through there fast enough.

We then made it onto the practical part of the workshop and had to draw out what dream that we remember, doing this activity was harder than I first thought because what I seeing in my head wasn’t what was coming out on paper, but I tried to depict what I was seeing best I can.


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