Art and the conscious mind/ where is the conscious mind? 24th Jan

I really liked this session as I managed to understand some of the topics to a certain degree and found what we were discussing very interesting.

We talked about the conscious mind was and where we as individuals thought the mind was.

We got asked the question

Where is the mind?

  1. In the brain?
  2. In your body?
  3. Neither
  4. Not sure

I believe the mind is situated within the body and is not only set within the brain.

We got asked the question as well,

Where do you end?

  1. Where my brain
  2. Where my body ends
  3. Neither of the above
  4. Not sure

I believe myself to end in my aura, chakra and soul.

We looked at the painting done by Johannes Vermeer, women in blue reading a letter, 1662- 63 and then asked where do we think her conscious is?


I believe I see her conscious mind in her eyes, as her eyes are the things that are reading the letter and are taking the information in and the things that seeing it.


 We looked at internalism, the idea that the mind is in the brain and that consciousness is going on all over the brain. Studies have shown so far that there is no known location of the consciousness on the brain leaving people to think that it exists all over the brain.

Looked at the quote from Helmholtz

“…There are no colours, smells, tastes, or even objects ‘out there’ in the world; these appearances are essentially subjective…”

I liked that quote because I thought it to be closest as to what I think and found it really interesting to think that you’re only seeing what you choose to see.

We looked at some quotes from Chris faith making up the mind book (2007)

Brain Decoding

We talked about brain decoding but I didn’t really understand it, it didn’t make sense to me and found myself questioning how I could understand what I was learning. We looked at how our brains decode images that are in front of us and then showed the imagery from our brains and the imagery we were seeing and the comparison is amazing.



The idea that the mind is not in the brain. I liked learning about this topic because I for one believe that our minds are not situated within our brains and is poured out of our being, and is every thing around you.

We looked at a quote from O’regan and Noe

We watched a short clip and had to count how many times a team past the ball back and forth but half way through the clip a gorilla walked through and the background changed colour, because we were focusing on counting the passes we failed to notice what else went on with in the clip and that makes you realise just how much you might’ve missed.

“ A brain is not a brain without a mobile and manipulating body”


Do you have to choose between them?



We looked at boundaries and are there really such things or do we just impose such things upon our selves.

Whilst looking at boundaries we looked ta what is a boundary and is a boundary between water and air, water or air?

There are two types of boundaries

Fiat boundary, which is a made up boundary

Bona fide boundary, which is a physical boundary.

Most people think that you paint with lines but in reality things and humans don’t hove boundaries or lines.

Where would you end?


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