Art and the conscious mind/ workshop 26th January


Today we had a workshop to see how art made us feel and where we conscious of how it made us feel but before knowing what we had to take part in we had sign a consent form and before knowing what it was I started to feel anxious at the prospect of doing something of the unknown.

Before experiencing the artwork we had a small presentation off Craig Thomas explaining to us about his work and also his PhD work and then we went out of the room whilst he set up the artwork.

There was this soft netting type fabric that had a few paths ways enabling you to walk through and then had this video of horizontal lines projected on to it, the lines were moving and once you first saw it, it seemed really interesting and then once you got closer and moved within it and experienced you started to feel things you wouldn’t think you’ll feel whilst just looking at it.

I felt disorientated, like I was in a dream like state, felt calm but anxious, like I had to think but couldn’t, felt lost even though I knew exactly where I was.

Afterwards we talked about our experiences as a group and to find out what everyone else felt was really interesting as some experienced the same as me and some people felt feelings of sinking and drowning and as though they were in a lift.

It’s was compelling to take part in such an experiment because it put into consideration how much I want in my work for people to experience and feel something when they are involved in my work.




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