David goldhagen


I came across David GoldHagen and I really liked his glass sculpture and the way it portrayed fluidity and the shape that also took form, I thought that he would be interesting to look at as I could take inspiration from the different colours that are used and also the different shapes and forms that he also uses in his other sculptures and then apply some of the inspirations I found in his work and applying it to my own practice.

Upon looking deeper into his work i found that he creates massive hand blown glass sculptures and uses a very special process with the process being slightly different to each one he makes to create a different sculpture each time, He uses bit of left over glass and rare earth elements such as, silver, cobalt, gold, copper, dichroics and others to create the movement of colour within the glass sculpture. I like the process he uses because he has to think about different elements of the work each time and invision what the result at the end would be.


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