Frank Stella

Hyena Stomp 1962 by Frank Stella born 1936

Coming across Frank Stella’s work by chance and then looking into it and some of his other works, I found that I found his work captivating and liked the way he painted using colour and how that some of his paintings and prints confused your eye and made you wonder what you were seeing.

I also looked at early works where he predominately worked in black, the black was normal house paint and then to paint he used a decorators brush to create the lines upon the canvas, the process and the rules he uses to make these works has a link to mine as i use the same process to create my works. Stella was constantly experimenting with his works so he could achieve many different outcomes from the same process and rules. I like that he focused mostly on the line, composition, colour and space of the painting instead of the painting holding a meaning, so he could soul focus on the experimental and process aspect of what he was doing.

Frank stella


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