Yago Hortal


I found a painting done by Yago Hortal without previously knowing it was by him and I then looked it up and then looked ay many of his other works too. He works with thick paint, lathering it on very thickly and then letting it drip off and also with other works useless the paint brush and makes very thick gestural marks. He doesn’t always think about the colours he’s uses and just uses them out of impulse and then for other works he thinks more about the colour he uses. I love how vibrant and luminous the colours are that he uses and the way that he makes them fuse together and mix to make new colours. I liked his work because I found that I can connect a lot about his work to mine as it almost has a similarity to fluid like water and that what I’m striving to achieve with my work and all i like the process that he uses to create his works in which is similar to the way i use process to create my work.


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