Key concept/ Site situation, Andre Stitt

For the first key concept lecture we looked at site specific art and also what site specific art is. Site specific art is art that is made with the place in mind, a decontextualisation of a museum space. so an artist takes into consideration the surroundings before they make the art work.

we looked at artists who have done site specific works such Richard Serra,


In 1989 Richard Serra said:

“The works become part of the site and restructure both conceptually and perceptually the organization of the site.”

I really like that quote from Serra because of its honesty in the way that the art work will change the way you think about the surroundings.

we also looked at architectural site art, such as the berlin wall, even though at the time the wall was built it wasn’t perceived as art, but as the years go on the artistic aspect of the wall is becoming more prominent.

we looked at some of Banksys work such as, Ramallah checkpoint, West Bank, Palestine, i sound this piece striking because of the bright image of this very bare and horrible looking wall and found it very thought provoking.

Marina Abramovic & Ulay, The Lovers Great wall of China, 1988 I’ve come across before and found i was moved to tears after reading into this piece because of the thought of the heartache that they both must of been feeling. of all the artists that we looked at during this lecture i still find this one being the most prominent and the one that stayed with me.

some more of the artists that we looked at:

  • Bonnie Shirk, Public Lunch San Francisco Zoo, 1971

  • an McKeever, Painting for a Hole in the Ground, Cobham Common 1976-77 [installed 1976]

  • Eltit Diamela, Washing the Front of a Brothel, Santiago, Chile 1980

  • Joseph Beuys, 7,000 Oaks Kassel, Germany 1982

  • Gordon Matta Clark, Food New York 1971-72
  • Krzysztof Wodiczko, Homeless Vehicle New York 1989
  • Rachel Whiteread House Bow, London 1993
  • Mel Chin, Revival Field 1990-91






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