key concept/ Exhibition, Jonathan Clarkson.

I found this lecture very interesting as i didn’t know that there were so many different ways that you can present and exhibition and the ways to perceive the exhibition also.

we looked at the brief history of the exhibition and saw that they displayed their paintings all over the wall such as this example from the royal academy, I found this interesting because of how busy it must of been in that room and that you couldn’t possibly see every detail of all the paintings in the room.


we then looked at does an exhibition educate you and found that in the big galleries such as the royal academy that they do educate you because they have lots of writing next to a painting or a sculpture that give a history upon that piece and then also in the room the paintings are being shown in you have a few paragraphs about the artists and also a few quotes, there are also books, magazines and also audio books.

we looked at the types of exhibitions such as,

-A exhibition is making public

– An Exhibition is an argument, we looked at the relation between space, support and object, such a sculpture on a plinth, does that plinth then become part of the sculpture or the sculpture part of the plinth?

– An Exhibition is temporary

– What is the future of exhibitions, will there be any physical form?

A lot of the topics we covered in this lecture were very thought provoking and made me think more about how I’m creating my work, and also how it would look in an exhibition setting.




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