Subject, Fluid Painting

I wanted to upscale my fluid paintings because i thought it be would interesting to see them larger because i want them to have bigger impact and presence to the viewer so that they would have a more engulfing feeling. I decided to do them on canvas as i thought it would be the best material to do it on but i found out as i was creating the work that the canvas was very porerus and sucked in the water more than i would of liked. The smaller boards worked better and from trying this out I’m going to carry on using board as i think that it deals with the paint better than canvas. I will upscale my boards slowly working on bigger ones each time until i found a size that i think works best. The colours that were used mixed more than i would like also but i think this gives the painting an extra quality because of monet being my starting point i do feel an essence of his style coming through.



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