Key Concept, What is Site specific Art. Susan Adams

In todays lecture we looked at what is site specific art and looked at artist that have created site specific art,

we looked at Rachael Whitbread house 1993, a cast was taken of the house that was due for demolition and then once it was cast the work stayed on place for 11 weeks until the council destroyed it as they found it to be an eyesore.

Anthony Gormley we also looked at, Angel of the north 1998, i learned that he made the statue out of the steel from  around the area, i found this interesting as he thought of everything about that place and even kept the material local.

we looked at site responsive art such as,


-site specific

– in a gallery

-outside gallery

-an intervention

-a permeant work commissioned for the site.

Looking at these gave me ideas about how and where my work could be placed.

we looked at other artists and had a brief background about their work and this is the list of the artists,

  • Mike Nelson (In memory of HP Lovercraft, 1999-2008)
  • Thomas Hirshorn (Caveman)
  • Katrina Grosse (venice biennale 2015)
  • Simon Starling (Shedboatshed 2005)
  • Richard Long (A line made walking 1967)
  • Mark Rothko ( Texas Chapel(spiritual)

I found this lecture useful to my thinking and found that it filled me with ideas as how to think about my work being a site specific place.


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