Callum Innes

Callum Innes is an artist who paints and then unpaints, He uses oil paint on a canvas and layers pigment each time and then takes off some of the paint on the canvas using turpentine. I like the thought of this process as i feel theres a ritual about the fact he puts the paint on and washes it off, but then the paint leaving residue there as to say there was something here but there is no more. The uncertainty of what will happen to the painting after it goes through a series of adding paint and subtracting what once was there is a process i like as with my works i can’t always be certain they would turn out the way i would have hoped. The question I’m finding myself asking is “How far would He be able to push this process of applying paint and then using washes of turpentine”?  and then what the outcome would be like?.


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