End of year Field

Both my field projects i found challenged me in a way i didn’t think about before. Figurative Modelling challenged me to use my hands in a way that i haven’t done so before and that also made me think about how i also use my hands within my own practice. Even though i don’t use clay i still found the whole experience interesting and tried to apply some of the gestures and hand movements to my work, This proved difficult though as I’m a painter and rarely, if never use clay/ceramics within my practice. Even so, i still found the experience enlightening and was eager to learn a new skill. My second field project of Art and the conscious mind pushed me and my mind beyond what i thought i was capable of doing, even though the material being taught was heavy and sometimes intense, I still managed to make an understanding of it as i found a general interest in what i was learning. I found i could connect what i was  learning in the lectures to my work and apply it to my paintings as i found that the paint become conscious and began to speak for itself, Thus capturing your emotions or even portraying its own? This allowed me to think more in-depth and more critically about my work. having learned about the conscious mind i keep finding myself thinking about it in daily life as well as in my own practice and has influenced me to think differently about how things work and also about the way things are perceived in different or certain situations, thinking this way within my practice allows me to be open minded about the outcome and also the process of which it happens. This years field i feel has helped me improve my technical thinking and broadened my skills to allow me to produce work to a better quality.


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