Reflective post on Constellation, Art, science and the construction reality.

The constellation I had in the first term was art and the construction of reality. I tried to influence the way I think about my work because thinking in a more academic way would have a big impact on my skills and knowledge, but whilst still trying to influence my work. I found it very hard to do it because the material that was being taught and the way in which it were being delivered. I found it very hard to understand therefore making it harder for me to process the information being taught. Even though the subject matter had a very little influence about the way I thought about my work. I did make some links and found myself thinking about smaller details of my thinking about my work and thought more philosophy about what kind of work I was making also.

The things I found with in the constellation group was the usefulness of being able to work with and alongside my peers, as I could grasp and understand the content in a better way as having their viewpoint on things helped clarify my way of thinking and learning. I dint find that constellation influenced my practice in a way that I could of benefitted from as the ideas and concepts that were talked about was far from the ideas and concepts of my work. I also found that art science and the construction of reality didn’t help me with my academic writing as I found the content very hard to understand so therefore making it harder for me to put it clear and relatable information and research down onto paper.

The theories and concepts that we looked at were interesting and intriguing and one question in particular stood out to me was, does art hold a greater truth than science, I think that it’s a very hard concept to get your head around as science holds a lot of truth as it’s the always have been and people trust that it’ll always hold the truth, because something big and bold cant be telling a lie? Art on the other hand holds a strong truth too as it’s a truth what the artist seeing or believing or even what is being felt. So to ask the question such as the one that was mentioned earlier, triggers your thinking, making you want to think about it and explore it in a deeper form, but for me and as I have no reliability to the question and my work I wouldn’t want to explore it any further.


Being and working in an interdisciplinary group style has helped me to work with others who think differently about their work, opening my mind up about my thinking and about the way I think about my work, Its broadened my understanding of art and design further as its taught me that people of different disciplinary think and work differently, thus holding a different aspect of the work and the working together helped me to open my mind and think in a more broadened manner.

The experience of the delivery style from my constellation tutor was very heavy and the way I which he delivered the learning material was for higher that the language that I understood, there were words used that I have never heard of before therefore making it very hard foe me to understand and then loosing bits of information that was being taught because it was very hard to understand. Once I asked question to clarify and help me understand, they were left very open and I found that there wasn’t very and real directness to finding out the answers or any clarification made as more questions were thrown into the mix to make tour brain think about things more and never really coming to a conclusion or an answer.

The ideas and theories that we learnt about made me think about how science has had an impact on the world and what possibilities it’ll have in the future, maybe medically or astrophysical, but thinking about this hasn’t made me think more about science and art within my practice as I think there is no relationship between the constellation and my practice. But whilst studying it, I did find myself asking questions about things id see in everyday life. I haven’t found that constellation has helped me improve or supported my academic skills or understanding as like mentioned before, the material being delivered was very heavy and I feel it was material that should be delivered to a much higher education such as, PhD. I found myself getting more confused about my academic writing because of the subject matter was difficult, if the material was lighter, I think my learning and academic skills would be improved greatly, having a basic understanding of what is being taught would have been beneficial to have gained a stronger understanding that would then help my academic skills and understanding.

To help me to gain a more diverse understanding of what I was learning, I could’ve read even deeper and researched further to gain that essential knowledge to help me grasp the initial work.


Constellation/ Art, Science and the construction of reality

Trip to London, we visited the science museum and found an exhibition in there that i found was very interesting because it was a mirror and you stood infant of it and it told you what age it thought you looked liked and also how happy it thought you were, i found that interesting because you wouldn’t think a computer or technology would be able to determine how old you are or if you are happy or not but standing there and observing what it said for people tried it out i was quite surprised how accurately close the machine got to their actual age and amount of happiness.

we then went on to the natural history museum and i found the exhibits in there very interesting but found it hard to find a relationship between the what was there and art and science.

we then made our way over to the Tate Briton and found some pieces of artwork.

Constellation/ Reality made Manifest

we looked today at making the invisible visible, i found this very interesting because your first thought is how can you make something thats invisible be seen.

we looked at a picture of blood cells through a microscope, the colour has been enhanced and it was by Dave McCarthy and Annie Cavannagh so this is where the argument comes in, are you actually seeing the real invisible or a visible thats been materialised.

from my opinion that blood cell picture isn’t giving you the full truth because it has been enhanced so it isn’t the full visible of the invisible.

Constellation/ Art, science and the construction of reality.

For our first lecture into Art, Science and the construction of reality we were given two questions to think about and give our own concepts and critic of them. the first one is

what to understand as truth?

and the second

what does a virus look like?

for the first question we debated this as a group and many concepts and truths were found, such as, honesty, seeing is believing, if something is true then you wan to see it to make sure for yourself that what your seeing is the truth, as some form of confirmation. but than thats where the debate set in and another said that the truth also depends on where the information came from? is belief the same as truth?

Art and science both make claims to the truth but with truth would you claim is real? but as i see it, its a truth to both as the truth to science is completely different to the truth to art.

and for the second question what does a virus look like? in my opinion i think that if no two are the same so no two viruses are the same, each virus has different strains and affects different people in different ways, an artist would see it as an interruptive painting, a scientist would see it through a petri dish, an IT specialist would see it through numbers and figures, so again there are plenty of ways a virus can be seen and thought of in different ways.


what i gained from todays session is that no two things may appear the same to the same person, things are different and people are different and hold their own thoughts and truths and outlook on things and different people of different background I.E. an artist, a scientist perceive what one thing is generally known such as a virus as different things.