Response/ Subject


For the second week of our tutorials we had to create a response from the response the other person made from our first image/artefact, the response that was made from my image (monet water garden) was a performance piece made by Emile-kay Kemp ( her performance involved her painting her hands green to symbolise the green lily pads and then she also moved in a sleek flowing manner to portray the flowing movement of the water. we had to make our response 3D so i did a quick maket symbolising waves and the flowingness of the water, i was going to add some green paper to add in the lily pads but thought i wanted to keep it quite fluid and adding a colour would distract the eye and break up the fluidity of the piece.


Chosen artefact response/ subject


For the response to the image or artefact that we chose, we had to also respond to another persons image or artefact. In our tutorials we all swapped and chose the image that we were drawn too, i was drawn to the Barbara Hepworth sculpture (chosen by Angie Magee). I liked the curves and the natural smooth edges and it reminded me of some of the forms you would find in the natural world. my response to the sculpture was this drawing, i did it in pen because i thought that way you’d see the shape and direction of the movements and keep the fluidity of nature. within drawing this i felt very free with the marks in drawing it just like you would do within nature.

Subject/ Research(Monet)


Looking and researching into the painting further i found many things that made me open my eyes about the way Monet painted and also the effort and obsession that went into creating the paintings. Monet bought land that had the pond and spent years diverting the water and reconstructing the landscape so he could make a perfect garden in which to draw inspiration from, He spent the last three decades of his life in his garden focusing exclusively on his water garden and in particular his lilies, producing over 250 surviving views of his pond, the others ruined because of his frustration in which he tore, broke and threw away. Each painting that was produced had a slightly modified viewpoint each time because he had a different perspective and also the landscape was forever altering creating a different viewpoint naturally. learning this about Monet has opened my eyes to the dedication he gave his garden in order to create the many paintings and drawings and also that even though you have one subject, theres many ways that you can interpret that and make many different artworks using the same features while changing things slightly so they appear to have more or less within them.

Subject/Claude Monet


For our brief we must identify an image, artefact or object, either from a museum, gallery or private collection. we then have to study our chosen artefact and create a body of work from your chosen piece. I chose Claude Monet’s painting The pond with water lilies in green 1809, I chose this artwork because it was the first painting i fell involve with and i also had the chance to see it in the royal academy of arts a few months back, I’ve always loved the use of colour and also the blending of the colours to merge into a different coloursĀ and thats whats always interested me and drawed me into the painting.


Summer project/Travel


For the summer project we were asked to make works using any medium to record places we have visited over the summer, I documented time through colour and each place i had been to i picked out a colour that i felt was significant to me at that time and then went back and layered each colour on to the next, creating a documentation of time through colour. Using this technique and style of working has inspired me to carry on using colour in my work and understand the qualities and concepts of colour and carry this through into my practice of second year.